Safely back home . . . .

This is a summary with a link to all the photos and our photobook. The blog posts below detailed what we did day by day, with the photos for each day – so track back to see whether we actually got to see the Northern Lights!! They are in reverse order with the last day at the top.

I’ve put all the photos from the whole trip in one place so click here to see the photos directly in the Flickr stream. This won’t give you details of our activities

To look at the book I made, click on the diagonal grey arrows on the right above the book below to expand it to full screen, then click on each page to to turn them

If you see a fine white line in the sky on any of the photos it’s the International Space Station orbiting above. The shutter is open for 20 – 30 seconds so I’ve caught it on a few photos!

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