New Years Eve 2011
Oh what a night! Absolutely everyone made an effort with the costumes, although mine was the least! They were fantastic - and they provided some great photos for next year's calendar! We had great fun. Incase you couldn't guess the theme was the "Justice Confederation Annual SuperHero Assembly" and it was a murder mystery. We were all superheroes - although you may not have heard of us. The characters were very close to our own (!) - the control freak, the rapper, the Nerd, the shopaholic, the jester, the energetic, the caring, the body beautiful, the outspoken fiery one, the demanding one with memory erasure and the dark but upstanding member of society! Games where we all had ample opportunity to make fools of ourselves, a meal somewhere in-between and of course a bit of alcohol and loads of chocolate! A great night was had by all.

See if you can guess who was which character - before you look at the photos
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Everyone played their role superbly and we all had such fun - look at the photos and video and guess who won these prizes:
  • Best Acting
  • Best Costume
  • Victim Award
  • CSI Genius - awarded for the most well thought out, convoluted but nevertheless incorrect theory
  • Slimy Suspect Award
  • SuperHero Rap Award (the music you are listening to)
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As a clue, I didn't give myself an award! Fill in the comments below for your guesses!