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Whitby Way

We checked the weather forecast and set off for Whitby bright and early. On the way we passed a hotel called “The Salmon Leap Hotel” – to find out who were the leaping salmons of the Isaacs and Yechezkel Families watch the video below. Listen to how cruel they are to me!

We had the most amazing day and were so lucky with the weather, again! Sadly neither family was complete and bizarre as it may sound we missed the noise and the nonsense that the missing ones  would have generated . . . but don’t tell them! Click the photo below to read some more and see the photos that complete the story!

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Frozen at Bolton Abbey

Families Y and I went off to Bolton Abbey with picnics and thermals, well it only said -3.5 ℃ on the thermometers! To say we were frozen was an understatement. Just to show how bright some of us were (i.e me) we sat down on the rocks at the Strid to eat. Certain parts of me have never been so cold. Thankfully we lost no-one in the water and everyone, bar Elaine and myself, decided to go exploring in the woods and the long route back to the cafe. Elaine and myself sacrificed this pleasure and struggled off directly and swiftly to the nice warm cafe for a cup of coffee!

To see what we got up to and who was down the hole click on the photo. These photos prove the old adage “never work with animals or children”

Alternative images are up on the kids facebook accounts so click here

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Ayesgarth Falls on a sunny Bank Holiday weekend

With Jonathan working, the four of us went off in search of a ‘teashop walk” – Steven’s new book, easy walks in Yorkshire with a teashop somewhere on the walk. Well the overweight, ancient ones set the pace and at stage 5 out of 14 the children begged for mercy and we stopped. What wimps! Went straight to a teashop. We managed to negotiate the falls, without falling in – just! To see the rest of the photos please click here

Easy does it . . . .

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No Rain today – but plenty of water!

So for a bank holiday there was no rain – Hooray! However there was plenty of water about – look at the photos and judge for yourselves (look at the changing state of Steven’s clothes!) I think our boys need a little more practice – unfortunately we’re not volunteering, especially after they insulted our steering! Music bears no relevance at all, other than the boys were singing it in the car . . . . non-stop! To see the rest of the photos click here

Look how wet you are - Steven!

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Ilkley with Family Y!

Off we went to walk off the excesses of a fabulous weekend. A great time was had by all. Whilst everyone used their muscles Elaine and myself used our brains and decided it wasn’t “women’s walking weather” and had a coffee and chocolate at the White Wells cafe instead! If you really want to see what happened (i.e David and Itai behaving like . . . . . David and Itai) then click here for the rest of the photos!

What a handsome, sane bunch!

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