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Summer 2011 – photobook at last

What can I say – We fly on this year’s holiday in 3 weeks so I thought it was about time I finished the photo book from last year. The tortoise has crossed the line and awaits her trophy in the post! In the meantime you can see the book below. To see what we got up to at the time – read the blog that was done at the time by visiting this page – Holiday 2011. It describes all the gory details!

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Holiday 2011

I will hopefully be uploading all our holiday photos as we go along in Canada and USA so visit here every few days to see the latest – Note added afterwards, it worked! Look at the link below to see our Holiday diary and photos

Family I in Canada and the USA 2011

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Jonathan’s Graduation

What can I say, such a proud family! This was the most fantastic day and I even baked a cake to celebrate! Take a look at the photos and you might see somewhere that I just couldn’t keep out of the piccies! 

IMG 0446

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Mum and Dad’s Golden Wedding Anniversary

After 50 glorious years, Ma and Pa celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary over the whole weekend, nothing like celebrating in style! Whilst their Wedding Anniversary is Jan 1st we started on New Year’s Eve, celebrating with Family Y (who?) Despite their advancing years Mum and Dad trounced us young uns at “smart mouth” and charades. Motzei Shabbat we had a little party, and a lot of mess and cake! Monday afternoon everyone was invited to Manchester for a slap up tea at Yeshurun. If you want to see some photos and music then click here.

Below is the book that was made of the celebrations – they’ve not changed much have they!

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7DIMG 3394



Steven, Rachel and myself set off for Israel for a fortnight on the 12th July, leaving the boys in charge at home! We managed to keep tabs on them, ish, due to apple facetime and free wifi in the flat. Thankfully it rained so the garden was ok apart from the hanging baskets.


To see the video, click on Rachel! This is the video that I took with my Canon 7D. Yes I know its a “stills” camera, but it is also amazingly handy for video. I’ve not edited these videos at all.






Here is a link to the book that I did. This book covers both Israel holidays in July 2008 and July 2010. Click on the “view fullscreen” square next to the Blurb icon at the bottom right

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