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It’s going to be freezing . . .

. . . but I’ve bought a bobble hat!

We are off, just the two of us, to 250km into the Arctic circle, hopefully to see The Northern lights. I know we are more likely to not see them but that won’t stop us trying and having a good time. To read about what we’re doing to keep us occupied click here.

And yes I do know that it’s going to generate 1000s more photos before I’ve done the photobooks for the Summer of 2012 and Winter of 2013!!

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They’ve all flown the nest . . . . now it’s our turn!

So our children are all grown up and have had or are on their own holidays – without us now. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad! However it has meant that after 23 years Steven and I can go away as a couple again for more than just a few days, for a proper holiday! Online check-in has opened and we are off to California for just under 3 weeks. I’m doing the same as last year – although there will be less photos and probably less frequent updates. After 23 years I guess Steven deserves my undivided attention!

Click here to see the blog and photos

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Summer 2011 – photobook at last

What can I say – We fly on this year’s holiday in 3 weeks so I thought it was about time I finished the photo book from last year. The tortoise has crossed the line and awaits her trophy in the post! In the meantime you can see the book below. To see what we got up to at the time – read the blog that was done at the time by visiting this page – Holiday 2011. It describes all the gory details!

Click on the “view fullscreen square” next to the Blurb icon on the bottom right

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Holiday 2011

I will hopefully be uploading all our holiday photos as we go along in Canada and USA so visit here every few days to see the latest – Note added afterwards, it worked! Look at the link below to see our Holiday diary and photos

Family I in Canada and the USA 2011

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Keswick and David’s 18th – Families I and Y!

Taken a few weeks but I have finally put up something about our Keswick trip. We set off cars fully laden, in the morning of the 24th December, David’s 18th, to spend 5 days in a cottage in Keswick with our good friends, Family Y. We had the most amazing time and amazingly are still good friends!

The pictures in the book below tell most of the story of a fabulous weekend. They do not tell about the “men and boys” idea of walking across the frozen lake in the pitch black on Friday night – funny that! They are not just my photos, but are also from Itai, Jonathan, Orlev, Rachel and Sagi as well. Special thanks to Sagi for helping with the book.


To see a video bit of fun then click on the photo below


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