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Fiddler on the Roof!

Last year’s “Joseph Meets Glee” was a hard act to follow, but they managed it! My parents arrived from Manchester for the weekend, just to see the show. So many kids, so much enthusiasm – it was a joy to see. Full credit to Sagi for organising, directing and being “The Man”. They have worked so hard and it showed. I haven’t met one person that didn’t enjoy it – and there were 450 over the 3 shows! It meant so much to the kids that they feel “empty” now its all done, no rehearsals – Rachel has a “little hole”. For details about LJOY go to their website.

For photos of the evening click on the image below


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Jonathan’s Graduation

What can I say, such a proud family! This was the most fantastic day and I even baked a cake to celebrate! Take a look at the photos and you might see somewhere that I just couldn’t keep out of the piccies! 

IMG 0446

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Mum and Dad’s Golden Wedding Anniversary

After 50 glorious years, Ma and Pa celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary over the whole weekend, nothing like celebrating in style! Whilst their Wedding Anniversary is Jan 1st we started on New Year’s Eve, celebrating with Family Y (who?) Despite their advancing years Mum and Dad trounced us young uns at “smart mouth” and charades. Motzei Shabbat we had a little party, and a lot of mess and cake! Monday afternoon everyone was invited to Manchester for a slap up tea at Yeshurun. If you want to see some photos and music then click here.

Below is the book that was made of the celebrations – they’ve not changed much have they!

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Rachel’s Batmitzvah

You're invited
Yes I know it is nearly 2 months since this marvellous weekend but it has taken me this long to do the photos and the website. The photos can be accessed by going to the Photo Galleries Page in the menu on the left, and clicking on “Rachel’s Batmitzvah” – original I know! Even simpler you can click

Smart observers will have noted that there isn’t a “photo carousel” as there is for the other Photo Galleries (you can still see the photos as a slideshow). There is a problem with this software which isn’t as yet fixed. That accounts for a bit of the delay as I’ve been trying to fix it for the last fortnight! Once I get it fixed then I’ll repost on here, as I will when I get the final speech!

Now to work on the holiday photos!

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We The Women of The Book

I, and over 30 other women, have recently finished one of the most absorbing courses that I have attended. Shirley was inspirational! These photos were taken from the Graduation meal at the MAZCC – sorry that I’ve not managed to capture everyone. If you would like some copies then please contact me. To view the photos then click here

Shirley - Our inspiration

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