A day at the beach

After doing the decent thing and speaking to the boys first thing in the morning (for us) and mid afternoon (for them) we had to spend the day recovering and relaxing from the fact that David was last dressed on Wednesday, allegedly, and Jonathan has mowed the lawn, watered the flowers and done a Sainsburys shop – and put the bill on my desk!

Today we spent the day by the beach. We rented bikes and cycled about 16 miles in total. There is a cycle track on the beach – its flat so I could cope! It’s home to skateboarders, rollerbladers and cyclists of all descriptions. We cycled through and past Venice beach, but not as far as the airport! There were numerous bars and cafés along the way for us to stop off at.

Venice beach was very colourful but full of people sleeping rough, which took the shine off it a bit. I found my favourite shul! We ended up back at Muscle Beach – see if you can spot Steven!

We really didn’t exert ourselves that much and we had the most fantastically relaxing day. We are so pleased we decided to stay at the beach and not in the city

Tomorrow the taxi is booked for 05:45 as we fly to Vegas then pick up a car and drive onto the Grand Canyon.