Chinese Chabad

So yesterday I mentioned how much cooler San Francisco was and indeed at times on the bus near the Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman’s Wharf we were shivering in the breeze. Big oops – we still caught the sun, a bit too much (don’t tell the kids we were so irresponsible). Change of plan today – we walked around on the shady side of the street, mostly in Chinatown. We looked for the Cablecar museum, but couldn’t find it. We rode on the subway to find a reputable camera shop as my main camera lens is broken – am distraught. It is reparable but only after my holiday – big sobs!

Anyway we found a kosher restaurant and Chabad in Chinatown of all places so that was good. Still a few hours left for a boat trip in the bay and more walking tomorrow, out of the sun!