David’s 17th Birthday

Gosh, its nearly a year since I posted last – sorry about that! David is now 17 and to celebrate the puppy went sledging in the morning with Family Y (younger elements of). Then he came back for the cake that his sister rescued after his Mother decided to take it out of the tin when it and the icing was still ward. It promptly fell to bits and half was mush – great tasting mush I hasten to add! Anyway Rachel saved the day and turned it into an iceberg with a penguin, and just to be topical, it even showed evidence of global warming with grass at the bottom!! In the evening it was over to Manchester to the JS bar with Grandma and Grandpa. Yes that was a magical relighting candle in the photo. Despite his provisional licence arriving on his Birthday by some fluke and a lot of grovelling by his Mother to the DVLA, he will have to wait to get behind the wheel as we value our lives!! 

Click on the first photo to enlarge it, then use the arrows to navigate through them


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