Good Morning Vietnam – eventually

So we have arrived – fog at LBA, so flight cancelled. Courtesy of “The beast from the East” and “Storm Emma”, we never flew from Leeds. We should have left leeds at 14:05, but at 14:15 they were telling us the plane we needed was due to land at 14:30 despite the fact that we could see it circling and then heading off for Manchester on Plane Finder app. I don’t know when airlines and airports will learn that that the average person now has a computer in their pocket. BA continued to tell us we were taking off at 14:05, despite the fact it was 16:00 and then to cap it all my phone had to tell me how stressed I was – incase I hadn’t realised!! As a result we missed our flight from Heathrow to Hong Kong, and credit to BA they transferred us to another carrier from Manchester the next day, and arranged for our transfer and overnight hotel so we could arrive earlier than waiting for the same BA flight 24 hours later. The fact that our plane from Hong Kong to Hanoi was a dud and we had to wait 2.5 hours for a replacement didn’t help – but 18 hours late we arrived!

Those of you wanting to see a video of take off Click here

And it was worth it. Despite the fact we haven’t slept or eaten properly for 48 hours (our in flight meal requests couldn’t be transferred at such short notice), we’ve already played at tourists (no socks Rachel!). Our tour guide Lin is lovely and we’ve been round Ho Chi Minh’s mausoleum, garden’s and presidential palace. Such huge grapefruit just growing there. Its a vibrant city with the old and the new juxtaposed brilliantly. The smell of the flowers is intense and I have orchid envy! We’ve also learnt that the pavements aren’t for walking on – don’t be daft lass, they are for parking your scooter on. You walk on the road as there isn’t space on the pavement. Crossing the road is an art in itself – you walk slowly across and trust that the scooters won’t hit you. Apparently Ho Chi Minh City is ten times worse!

We’ve even made it out this evening and back again, without getting lost. Heaps of praise to “Happy Cow” app which shows you vegetarian or vegan restaurants near you and if you are ever in Hanoi then go to Uu Dam Chay. Incredible a la carte vegan.

Obligatory photos to show the kids what nice hotels we stay at, now we don’t holiday with them anymore, and plenty more below. Click on a photo to enlarge and then use the arrows to navigate

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  1. Lovely post and very nice pictures.

    Not too sure how the video is a ‘Comedy’ tho. x

    1. Sarah Isaacs says: Reply

      Your father was sitting on the tail with his camera, isn’t that comedy enough🤣

  2. looks wonderful .. glad you’ve arrived safely. xx

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