It is a wonder of the world!

Like true tourists Family I were up bright and early for their next sight-seeing adventure, cameras ready.

After about an hour transfer time we arrived about 9ish. The photos show the view better than any words of mine!

By the end of the day we became experts at getting those macs on and off – 3 times in total. Rachel preferred the yellow ones! I have never been so wet – bizarrely we were most wet at the indoor “Fury of the Falls”. The “Maid of the Mist” ride was incredible – you don’t appreciate the size until you are here at the bottom. I have never seen so many people risk so much camera gear for “THE” shot – however even I backed off at times!

At night the falls were lit by different colours and the fireworks brought a fantastic day to a memorable end

The hotel is great, with amazing views and thankfully sound proofing as I’m not sure I could take the sound of running water all night

After 3 days as “happy snappy tourists” we calm down tomorrow. We pick up a car in the USA at Buffalo and spend 2 days driving at a leisurely pace through New York State, arriving in NYC on Wednesday morning.