It’s like London, without the traffic

So we made it to our final destination – Singapore. A complete contrast to Bangkok. Even our airport experience was completely different – we were through passport control within 5 minutes of leaving the plane, and in our taxi within 30 minutes – they even have carpet in the airport. There is no traffic, although Jackie says the traffic is terrible we have seen no evidence to back that up. You need a licence to buy a car, which costs a fortune, and the government limit the number of licences available. You can’t keep a car that is older than 10 years so no old polluting bangers either.

Singapore was a British colony and is still part of the commonwealth and the British influence shows – in the architecture with its mini St Pauls, what look like London and Waterloo bridges, the buses – UK double deckers and three pin plugs, no adaptor necessary! There is also a strong Chinese influence. Overall it is a beautiful and classy mixture of old and new, east and west. Whilst the Marina Bay Sands is obviously the big new shiny attraction, my favourite hotel, where we aren’t staying, is the Fullerton Hotel – the old post office. In fact our tour guide is old enough to remember it being a functioning post office!

Marina Bay front

We had a lovely evening at the top of the Swissotel, with a great panoramic view – thanks to Julian there for organising and hosting, and the staff for waiving the $45 per head minimum charge for the window seat! And of course a big thanks to our expert tour guide, who didn’t get us lost more than twice, or into too many shopping malls🤣🤣

Singapore skyline from top of Swissotel

Tomorrow its work . . . .

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