On to Hue and the wedding photographer of the year!

So after our final breakfast and the biggest passion fruit ever, the suit arrived. What a beautiful piece of tailoring – the quality is superb. No alterations needed – fits like a glove, as the cliche says! One very pleased and proud hubby.

A couple of hours by the beautiful pool before taking off. Despite the fact that we were driving along the The Hải Vân Pass which is a 500 km climb, and then descent. We are now used to the scooters and the traffic rules in Vietnam, there are no rules, but on this journey we had to share the road with cattle and goats. Like scooters and cars, they just stop wherever and whenever they want – on a bend, on either side of the road and like scooters, they can of course go the wrong way down the road! Jeremy Clarkson featured it on Top Gear in a Vietnam special. Its stunning scenery but I had decided that I was not going to write today – have a holiday!

However, I have so many friends that have children getting married this year, I had to share “THE” wedding photographer of the year with them. I know I am a little bit crazy trying to get the perfect photo – and its a balance between walking around a subject too many times, waiting for what Steven thinks are hours for people/traffic to move and really cheesing Steven off for taking so long – just to get the perfect shot. This guy has got this couple doing the ultimate – watch. I hope that all your photographers go to the same lengths to make your day so special!!!

The photos below give you some idea of the terrain they had to climb over to even get to this building. The site is an old American bunker, peppered with bullets, and the ground is unstable with its stones and broken bricks. Its what my daughter would call “perfect klutz” territory – a reference to my previous ankle injury. However, I am delighted to report that all my bones, ligaments and muscles are intact!

There is now a tunnel that goes through the mountain and the other photos depict the exit to that tunnel at Lang Co lagoon, Lap An lagoon (or An Cu lagoon) we pass on the journey and our hotel in Hue. Built in 1901 its not quite as modern as the last, but just as tasteful.

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