Under threat of death here is my one and only Blog

After a 05:00 alarm call we clambered out of bed to get to our hotel meeting point. It was a beautiful traditional house converted to a hotel but a little too far out of town. Our hotel is a 15 minute walk to a huge shopping mall with automated toilets that have heated seats and water jets that you direct to wash and dry. A bit like a car wash for the bottom.

An hour and a half drive later we arrived at the centre to be met with such friendly guides who kitted me out with helmet and harness. After a brief safety guide and demo we walked up a long path to then climb a 30 metre high tree.

Safety was reassuring, being clipped at all times and when Zipping, double clipped.

I was in a group with 4 Chinese tourists who spoke little English but made up for it with lots of noise and chatter. As Sarah was not with me I zipped first followed by 3 of my companions. Next was number 4 who was not going to do it.

After lots of crying and several attempts she jumped with eyes closed and zipped.

She was now experienced and showed little emotion during the following 25 zips only yelping when the guides bounced the zip wires or I shook the bridge we were walking on. I was behind her and she wasn’t moving😀.

After seeing amazing scenery the final zip wire was 300 meters long and then abseiling down a 30 meter tree to Sarah. Words are not enough to describe the feelings and sensations experienced. Watching the video may help.

At no time do you feel scared because the safety was so reassuring, with the first guide going first and the second staying back making sure that you were attached before send off. The first guide would then stop you hitting a tree on landing.

After a quick drive around a small zoo with elephants tigers etc lunch was served,rice and sauce and fruit.

We got to keep the bandanas as they were so sweaty who would want them.

Would I do it again…yes please.

Was Sarah wise to not do it…..definitely. The spinning around would have made her very sick. She wouldn’t have enjoyed it, so why do it. A very good call.


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  1. I was reading it, thinking this must be dad.

    Well done you for writing a post!

  2. Steven Isaacs says: Reply

    Flattery will get you everywhere.
    First and last.

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