. . . We have arrived in NYC!

We managed to negotiate the final 75 miles with ease to Newark airport. The last 0.2 miles in the airport to/from petrol station to Hertz returns was a nightmare though!

Thankfully you are unlikely to ever meet a driver like our cab driver, but we survived and have unpacked in our NYC suite on the edge of central park, opposite Carnegie Hall

You could see the kids faces light up as we walked down through Times Square and around. The plan had been to go up the Empire State tonight, but we’ve had grey skies and finally a thunderstorm. Street T-shirt vendors morphed into umbrella sellers!

Change of plan – kept dry in shops. B&H for Jonathan and I, Macey’s for Rachel

Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow as we have the open top bus tour – otherwise it’s back on with the Maid of the Mist macs!