We’ve seen them!

And they were amazing. Over 90 minutes of dancing Aurora that filled the sky above us – and by filled the sky I mean it. You didn’t know where to look. We were so lucky to see them on our first night. The forecast wasn’t so good – what do they know?! Apparently they’ve not been that good since XMAS. We saw the “Corona” which is quite unusual. As my pictures aren’t as good as they look (you are seeing them very small) I’m greedy and want a similar show tonight so I can redo them. Apparently I’m never happy!

Today we went cross country skiing and snowshoeing. Whilst cross country skiing is easier than ordinary skiing, I’m still not built to glide around on 2 small pieces of wood! I can now identify reindeer tracks though!

Snowshoeing is great fun however, some great videos if I can upload them. No photos as I didn’t take my camera – didn’t want to break it when I fell flat on my back, and not really much to take photos of – other than snow and trees!

We made friends with the Marsh family. Lovely people from “up north” like us. The friendship enhanced the holiday and great times were had by all. Their children are similar to ours, although about 2 years younger. See the race:

To see a video of my hero click here: Steven climbing a snow hill

Tomorrow we are on a Husky safari, an essential skill for North Leeds