“In Asia we don’t worry, in Europe all safety, safety, safety”

Today was a real treat – air conditioned 6 seater minivan, with massage chairs and tinted windows! Oh, and two different markets, both are famous.

First was the Maeklong Railway market

I think the video sums it up! We did ask why the market grew up on the railway line, but we didn’t get an answer. Bizarrely I didn’t feel unsafe!

The second was the floating market at Damnoen Saduak. Motor boat was first – I’m grateful I have gained all the weight that I lost before my holiday as it added extra ballast! Without it the boat would have bounced out of the water!! We then tried paddle boat, but as the video shows it was total chaos – we ended up going backwards, more because the other boats pushed us that way. What an experience.


Residential area – Damnoen Saduak floating market by motor boat

Floating market balagan


The journey back was through acres of coconut plantations, and I now know the difference between coconut trees for juice/milk and those that provide coconuts for the flesh. What a mine of useful information I’m becoming. We also passed a significant number of government billboards reminding people that Buddha is for worship, and not for writing on and so to be respectful. Probably a sign of the times, having taken the dollar of tourism, there are signs – the floating market takes credit cards and disaffected teenagers on their smartphones instead of selling to earn their keep. We stopped at a centre to demonstrate how they use the coconuts – we had already seen this in the Mekong Delta, but here in Thailand there were 2-3 stalls set up in a massive concrete parking lot, showing how they boil the juice etc, with the vast majority of space being dedicated to selling different coconut products, be they edible, decorative (from the husks) or soaps and body lotions. It was artificial and lacked any authenticity.

Finally our stay in Bangkok ended with a tour of Bangkok at night and a romantic meal (🤣) opposite the Grand Palace – all that bling does sparkle at night

On to Singapore, and our best tour guide yet!!

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