Frozen at Bolton Abbey

Who is down there?

Families Y and I went off to Bolton Abbey with picnics and thermals, well it only said -3.5 ℃ on the thermometers! To say we were frozen was an understatement. Just to show how bright some of us were (i.e me) we sat down on the rocks at the Strid to eat. Certain parts of me have never been so cold. Thankfully we lost no-one in the water and everyone, bar Elaine and myself, decided to go exploring in the woods and the long route back to the cafe. Elaine and myself sacrificed this pleasure and struggled off directly and swiftly to the nice warm cafe for a cup of coffee!

To see what we got up to and who was down the hole click on the photo. These photos prove the old adage “never work with animals or children”



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