Our “chill” out time . . . .

So yesterday we said goodbye to New York City. And what a goodbye it was. Our early morning 5am rise was rewarded with a limousine transfer to JFK – a definite WOW end to our time in the big apple. JFK is certainly looking better than when Steven and I were ther last – not a buildernor cockroach in sight, and checking in was so hassle free and speedy

We had a great flight to Miami courtesy of American Airlines and thankfully Hertz gave us the same type of car as previously. The satnav is a lifesaver or we would still be driving around the airport looking for the exit (and arguing) 24 hours later

We found “Alligator Alley” a.k.a Interstate 75 and travelled west across Florida to Naples. It made us feel as if all of Florida was a swamp. We finally got to our villa at around 17:00. I have to say that North American Travel has done us proud – everything has gone like clockwork and the accommodation has been all that we asked for. The villa is top class. The boys have their own individual double beds, Rachel has her own bedroom and we have a walk-in wardrobe that makes our daughter jealous! The rest of the villa and pool is fantastic and the neighbourhood is so peaceful

However the swamp like feeling cintinued at the villa. There was a tiny snake swimming in the pool but the funniest was the frog in the kid’s toilet bowl. I have never heard Jonathan scream so loudly and seen him move so fast, pulling up his shorts! To be fair both boys were screeching and it occupied our minds for a couple of hours as we pondered what to do. David even showed the checkout lady at the supermarket the photograph and asked her advice! By the time we got home it had climbed out and was on the wall, so Steven could be the hero and release it into the wild. We all now look very carefully when we lift that lid and before we sit down!

We slept so well. The beds are soooooo comfortable. Today we did a novel guided tour of Old Naples – by Segway. It was amazing and even more amazing, I did it! I didn’t fall off, not even once, although there was a lot of wobbling! There is video to prove it too! The kids and Steven took to it very quickly. Jonathan managed to alter his balance despite his massive camera bag on his back, Rachel managed to continue looking glam and David was our boy racer doing all the stunts – even reaching the maximum speed limit, going backwards! I didn’t take any photos on the tour as I left my camera behind as I was petrified I’d fall and break it. However Naples is beautiful and I know I’ll get them in the next few days

After lunch we did a quick drive to Naples and back but we are so shattered it was a play in the pool late afternoon/early evening followed by supper and a quiet night in. Despite this being our “chill” week before we return, the temperature is 85-90°F and humid

Tomorrow we have an earlyish start as we’ve got our speedboat tour of the alligator swamps – exciting!