. . . . Our sunshine is back!

A great couple of relaxing days, Tuesday in Mossel Bay and Wednesday in Plettenberg Bay, both days bathed in sunshine. The coastal scenery in both bays was spectacular. I recognise that photographs won’t do it justice so you will be relieved to hear that there aren’t that many at all.

Tuesday we went west to Mossel Bay and of course we managed to park just next to “the longest coastal zip wire in the world”. I had 45 minutes peace and you can watch the video of the end of his adventure here. You can only see the end of the zip wire on the photos, but if you look at the photograph of the light house, he started up the coast above it, then zipped down the coast. As he’d forgotten his GoPro clip there is no other video, just his memory – hopefully that will last for ever🤣. Allegedly it was better than the paragliding.

On the way back we stopped at Dolphin point for some spectacular views of Wilderness, and yes some dolphins out to sea. A whole school of them – within easy photographic reach of the monster lens I’d rented. Sadly the lens was in the hotel room 15 minutes away, so we just enjoyed the dolphins. Rachel you would be proud of me. We did go back to give the lens an outing, but the weather was closing in and the dolphins had gone.

Today was our Robberg hike from Plettenberg Bay, this time going east. Along the route we passed a whole troop of baboons on/along the side of the road, Steven skilfully negotiated around them. This hike was 2.5 hours over rock and sand, up and down. It was well worth it and Laya was a great guide. However I don’t think this trail would have passed the UK safety test – there would have been more rails and the path would have been wider and not as close to the edge. You needed both hands free to hold on to the rocks. Tip for those with short legs, take someone with long legs who can give you hand up some of the very deep steps. Luckily I took the third tallest member of my family with me. There is a video of a bit of the hike here and of the seals that we were lucky enough to see and hear, here.

When we got back, the hotel was bathed in sunshine so here is some video of the dining room, “games room” and the sun deck. You get more idea of its magnificence and its views.

This is our last night in the beautifully relaxing Wildnerness area. We have been amazed by its friendliness, natural beauty, and vast selection of superb restaurants! Tomorrow we go to Pumba!

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  1. Oh wow, what high adrenaline activity are you going to do mum?

    1. Sarah Isaacs says: Reply

      Isn’t living with your father enough of a high adrenaline activity?

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