ppp pick up a penguin

Rachel, I can hear you from here – “oh oh oh, they’re so cute” – and that’s only the header image. You’ll have to read all this before you get to the bottom to see the rest🤣

Today was long, but brilliant. Stunning scenery along the way, over Chapman’s Peak Drive, through Llandudno and Scarborough and down to the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point. The ostriches roamed wild along the beach. As they are a desert animal this is the only time you’ll see them on a beach. No baboons though, only baboon rangers – not as good looking.

So at the Cape of Good Hope we now see the Atlantic Ocean meeting the . . . . Atlantic Ocean. Allegedly they decided a few years ago it wasn’t the Indian Ocean as that ended at the Cape Agulhas, and it was just a calmer, warmer bit of the Atlantic. It was no less stunning though. You can see the difference in the water and the wind. At Cape Point I managed to walk all the way up to the Light house, but caught the furnicular down. Getting all those steps in on this holiday, sorry Louise!

Lunch was at Simon’s Town, very colonial in its look, but yet again reminders everywhere that people were evicted from their homes just because of the colour of their skin. Then on to the penguins at Boulder’s beach. These are special South African penguins, the third smallest in the world apparently. Those of you that can cope with the cuteness watch a short video here. Rachel that excludes you.

Then a trip to the beautiful Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens. Despite it being the end of summer, they were still stunning and the scent was refreshing. It still amazes me to see the vast ornate gardens in major city centres, and the care that is taken in the displays. To see a bit of the Tree Top Canopy Walk watch here

Tonight was our last night in Cape Town so just a few last minute shots of the V&A waterfront

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  1. Did the camera lense make an appearance for those photographs?

    1. Sarah Isaacs says: Reply

      Almost, but not quite. Took a second camera body, M series, with long lens as lighter. That way had 2 cameras so didn’t need to change lenses on the beach

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