Wet, wild . . . . . . . . And a wuss!

So for our finale we booked a 3 hour tour on jet skis. The plan was to go in the Gulf if it wasn’t too rough to Marco Island and then to return via the backwater. We only stayed in the backwater but managed to see 2 schools of dolphins within 20 mins of setting off. They came really close to us and we turned off the engines to encourage them closer. It was amazing to see them playing in their natural habitat so close.

We then had a 1 hour trip to the gorgeous island. I can truthfully say I was petrified. Whilst the boys were the wet and wild, I was of course the wuss! I knew I would never get up to the 30mph so I stayed at the back. This meant that I had to deal with the wake of 4 jet skis and the boats and by the time I got to the island I was refusing to get back on! I was asking for a helicopter (unrealistic) or boat (slightly less unrealistic) to take me back – I didn’t care if we left a jet ski on the island! Clearly neither boat nor helicopter were available so there was nothing for it but to climb back on.

Change of tactic for the return, I went at the front with our guide. Completely different story – I was bouncing over the boat wakes/waves at 26 mph and almost loving it! Needless to say being at the back gave the boys more opportunity to race. Jonathan overtook a boat that was going at its normal speed, and David got up to 50mph. Both did “doughnuts” (circles at great speed) at any opportunity. Both were reported to the water police, who thankfully did nothing!

Rachel was a star – she sat on the back of Stevens and it must be worse on the back. They managed to fall in – at 5mph – but Rachel got back on and even drove halfway back

Even though my camera came with, carefully wrapped in it’s own towel, plastic bag and life jacket to protect it from the bumps, there really wasn’t much opportunity for photo taking. Trust me I look much braver than I felt on the island

So the holiday is all but over, save for a final frolic in the pool, packing, letting out my jeans so that I can squeeze into them and a few hours to explore Miami looking for Horatio before we arrive at the airport at 14:20 (19:20 bst).

It’s hard to pick the “best bit” as so much has been amazing. For me it was the kids getting on, shock horror, and experiencing everything together as one big happy, yes happy, family