Been west, been east, now going south . . .

Time to travel again, this time just me and him. Back to the country of his birth – although he can’t remember it. Given storm Ciara is battering us at the moment, we can’t wait!

As you can see the most important aspect of the trip is the camera equipment, which is sorted. As 👨🏻will never read this, he won’t find out that he’s taking this monster lens in his hand luggage until we pack – too late mate. I know its not a particularly interesting photo but its testing the new way of adding photos to the page, before I add something critical. Like you, I’m counting on the photos after this being far more interesting.

2 Replies to “Been west, been east, now going south . . .”

  1. That is a monster lens. Hope Steven’s schlepping the tripod as well.
    Have a wonderful trip

    1. Yep, I’ve got him a lighter weight one🤣

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