Just mooching around in The Mother City, The Big Table and the man jumps . . .

After a few hours in the lounge at Heathrow, and too much free alcohol, we slept, and presumably snored, our way to Cape Town. Great flight! Pleased to see the “health checks” before passport control – better than nothing, and neither of us were too warm so we were allowed into the country. However, we are warm now ☀️☀️

Apartment is great. Steven managed to get some video before I had unpacked all our rubbish. It shows it better than any photographs. The area is really well located next to the V&A waterfront, which will take us at least four nights to explore properly.

The feel is completely different to anywhere else we’ve been. And its not just the large numbers of huge metal animals all over the place. The colours and style, the music and dancing are also completely diferent. This waterfront band was great, watch them here. We sat and drank and ate, listening to them for ages. They were closely followed by some waterfront singers which you can see here. And that was it for day 1 for us.

Tuesday started with a city tour and a trip up Table Mountain. This mountain dominates the landscape and appears in most of my photos, no matter where I am in the city. The good news is that we are just off season so no queuing and straight up to the top. Amazing cable cars – rotating floor so that we all get good views and we all get a 360 degree view. Some video from the top of Table Mountain can be seen here. Look out for the paraglider . . .

After that we went to the colourful Bo Kaap, and the excellent Coffee Shop – Truth Coffee – voted No1 in the world by the Daily Telegraph in 2016, allegedly. This was followed by a visit to the Slavery Lodge – a very thought provoking exhibit/museum about the slave trade. Whilst it concentrated on the slave trade of Africa from the past, it did bring us up to date with reference to 21st century trafficking. We finished with a walk through the beautiful Company Gardens. I’m jealous of their vegetable garden, and Steven found a grey, furry rodent friend that had followed him from Leeds

Of course if there is a mountain or hill, there is something for Steven to jump off. It was already booked before he saw the one from the top of Table Mountain this morning, in fact I think it was booked before I unpacked🤦🏻‍♀️. Sadly he couldn’t go from Table Mountain as they can’t do tandem jumps from there, so he had to make do with the smaller Signal hill and if you don’t get motion sickness watch him paragliding here. Who believes that it was me up there taking the video? We still have to see the video from the camera on his helmet. He has refused to write anything about it this time.

This evening a quiet walk around the V&A waterfront watching some Seals frolicking here, and the sunset over table mountain with, just a little food and drink

I know that you are all keen to hear – yes, all the camera equipment made it safely, has been lovingly unpacked, and some of it has even been used 🤣. Thankfully none of it was involved in the shaving foam incident . . . . . . I was tired after the flight – that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

6 Replies to “Just mooching around in The Mother City, The Big Table and the man jumps . . .”

  1. Oh wow, your hotel room looks amazing, right next to the water!

    I can’t believe they didn’t let you carry the go-pro stock inside a helicopter but would on a glider?!

    Presumably mum didn’t do it as she is saving herself for the bungee jump?

    1. Sarah Isaacs says: Reply

      And how do you know I wasn’t with someone else doing the filming?

      1. Please share the photos of the jet ski 😉 x

        1. Sarah Isaacs says: Reply

          What jet ski?

  2. Leone Litvin says: Reply

    great photos. Did you hear the gun signal at midday from signal hill. Signal hill is a great place to watch the sunrise. have fun. Did Steven land in a field near the stadium?

    1. Sarah Isaacs says: Reply

      Didn’t hear anything at Midday as we were on a coach. Steven landed on the beach somewhere, and they brought him back to the top where I was waiting

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